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Bioresonance Stop Smoking



Do you want to know how to quit smoking?

Do you think that quitting smoking means harsh withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings?

Do you think that if you stop smoking you will be constantly thinking about cigarettes?

Do you think you will be addicted to cigarettes forever?

Think again!


Stopping smoking used to be a difficult task with smokers experiencing harsh withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  This is no longer the case with SuperDetox Bioresonance Therapy.  The hour and a half session stimulates the body to detoxify from nicotine and the associated cigarette toxins.  Bioresonance therapy smoking cessation cancels out the memory of nicotine and the body is returned to its natural state prior to addiction. 

Detoxification is rapidly accelerated and nicotine is eliminated, and by cancelling out the energetic pattern of nicotine, it ensures that you do not experience any further cravings for cigarettes.


Thousands of people have successfully given up smoking using Bioresonance therapy.  Originally developed in Eastern Europe it has recently become one of the UK’s favourite methods of smoking cessation.

SuperDetox quit smoking method is a relaxing and natural way to give up smoking.  It only takes one session and does not require the use of NRT patches, zyban, champix, electronic cigarettes, hypnosis or any other smoking cessation aid.

It really is the easyway to stop smoking.


How does bioresonance work?




 If you think you’ve tried every technique in the book (patches, gum, even hypnotherapy!) and you still can’t seem to shake off your nasty nicotine addiction, why not give Bioresonance Therapy a go with the experts at SuperDetox?  Don’t give up on giving up until you’ve considered SuperDetox Bioresonance Therapy.


The relaxing 90-minute-long session in the comfort of your own home uses electromagnetic charges with the aim of stopping your need of nicotine…for good!  You’ll be connected to the Bioresonance machine with wrist bands that can detect and cancel out the frequencies that keep poisons and toxins within the body (this is known as ‘phase cancellation’). 


Bioresonance therapy to quit smoking works on the idea that nicotine has an electromagnetic charge over your body that stimulates the cravings, meaning that even if you go ‘cold turkey’, the ‘memory’ of the nicotine remains in your cells.  The aim of your treatment at SuperDetox is to cancel out this “memory” to hopefully stop your nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms completely.


SuperDetox Bioresonance is a pain-free, state-of-the-art method of giving up smoking that utilises the body's own detox system to leave you potentially smoke-free forever.

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Bicom Bioresonance on Richard and Judy and News 24


Read how all these great people stopped smoking with us.

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