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  • Do you think it is impossible to stop drinking alcohol, that you dont have any control over your cravings?
  • Do you think you are drinking too much?
  • Do you think you can’t take time off work or family commitments to deal with your problem? 
  • Do you think its too expensive  to get help to overcome your drinking?
  • Do you think you will be addicted for ever?
  • Do you think that you will do something about it when it gets too bad?
  • Do you think that things have got too bad now?


 Think again!

My promise to you

 This programme was first developed in 2006

Since then I have helped many people, including myself overcome their dependency on alcohol and I am confident that I can give you this promise.  


If you do my qut drinking programme, please do it with all your heart and follow my instructions.  I can then promise you, absolutely.

"You will be able to quit drinking without  withdrawal symptoms, and without , cravings or emotional stress.   You will recover from this disease and you will stay recovered. Your health, relationships and own serenity will be improved, the effects of alcholism have a ripple effect on all those around you, and so does sobriety, it is possible to have a life without the lonliness and misery that dependence on alcohol creates. " Victoria White 2006 


If you feel that you are drinking too much,  will be able to help you with the aid of SuperDetoxBioresonance and nutritional therapy.  It does not require a residential stay or chemical implants like Disulphiram.  It is safe, natural and completely holistic.  It is very effective.  Call me now 08000588108


First of all if you come on this programme it must be with the aim of stopping drinking, and stopping drinking for good. You must be committed to that idea and that idea only. We cannot and will not help you to drink moderately.  If you have a drink problem now, you may want to believe that controlled drinking is possible. It isn’t. 

For those of us afflicted with alcoholism, one sip will set off the intolerable craving that means that we have to drink to oblivion.  We simply do not have any control over our alcohol intake.  If you are not sure if you are an alcoholic, try this simple test.  Pour yourself one drink, and then see if you can continue the rest of your day without having another one.  If you can , then you dont need my help, but if that one drink sets off  a compulsion to drink more and more, then its a good idea to call me and find out why and how I can help you.



Detoxing at home

Detoxing at home with SuperDetox Bioresonance, is safe, effective, private and comfortable.  It is a simple programme for complicated people, you will be feeling relaxed and free of the desire to drink within hours, you will not be expected to do much more than drink plenty of water, take your vitamin supplements and eat healthily.  Each programme is individually designed to meet your needs.



I am very proud of this programme and I am 100% committed to helping each and every person who undertakes it get sober and stay sober. If you make getting clean your priority, I will make you my priority. Victoria White 2006

Preparing for therapy

Individual Tailored Plan

Each person has their own individual tailored plan, which includes vitamins and minerals to fill the nutritianal gaps that have been depleted by alcohol.

Your therapist will need to speak to you by telephone before therapy begins. This is to ensure that you are properly assessed.  You will complete a health questionnaire, and understand the programme, how it works, what to expect, how you will feel and whether it is right for you.

There will be lots of phone contact and there are many things to discuss and prepare for.  Why you want to stop drinking?  How you feel about it, your fears and expectations.  What will life be like after drinking?  What to tell (if anything) friends and colleagues?  You probably have a hundred questions and this is a great opportunity to ask.

Each client is individually assessed and from there we can go on to create your plan, ready for the therapist to come to your home to begin your programme.

What happens during the three days

The Bioresonance sessions.

You then embark on a course of bioresonance sessions over three consecutive days

based upon your specific needs, and with the formulas and protocol that Victoria White  has developed for alchoholism and addiction.  It is a completely holistic programme, designed for body and mind.   These protocols and formulas are unique to SuperDetox . You will not find them any where else.

You will be connected to the bioresonance system via wrist and ankle straps, it is painless and relaxing, it has been described to me as 'the best massage I have ever had, without being touched'. Bioresonance patterns will be offered to your body and it will take the ones that it needs, gently detoxing and supporting your body with the healthy healing patterns.  Bioresonance will be fully expalined to you in situ, you will be given a demonstration of the equipment and you wil have a greater understanding of how effective it is.  A simple analogy is that it is similar to when you do a virus scan on your computer and it gets rid of all the bugs, well, bioresonance is like that, it gets rid of all the 'bugs' in you.

.A support  partner will also be invited to have  a bioresonance  session, so they can share the experience with you. This extra session is included in the package at no extra charge.

The sessions last from two hours up to six hours depending on your needs.

They are relaxed, informal and enjoyable.

With you all the way

Whilst you are having the Bioresonance sessions your therapist is present throughout,and this enables plenty of time to discuss what is happening, how the process works, preparation for the future, any worries, concerns etc  just about anything and everything you want to discuss.

Your therapist will also discuss the Twelve Step programme with you and share their strength, hope and experience,  all therapists are recovering alcholics who have have gained sobriety through SuperDetox Bioresonance and the Twelve Steps of Alcholic Annonymous, they will share their strength, hope and experience with you as they have been on the same downhill spiral that alcholism creates as you have.  If you would like to experience an Alcholics Annoymous meeting to find out how the fellowiship can help you, your therapist will be delighted to take you to your local meeting, so you may experience the joy that is AA for yourself.

Clients are always fascinated by the transformation bioresonance achieves, and on the last day you will be shown the computer screens and the programmes you have experienced.

Your therapist is happy to meet a partner or your support partner, it may be useful for them to visit this site to find out more about the process.

Likewise, some clients may not wish children or other members of the family to know that they are having help for alcohol related issues, this is not a problem ,ultimately this is your journey and it is up to you who you decide to share it with.

At all times, the aim is for this to be an enjoyable and stress free experience for you, designed around your needs.


How you will feel.

After the sessions you will probably feel more relaxed than you have in a long time.You may have a bigger appetite than you have for a while.  You may wish to sleep, which is a good indication that you are healing well.  

You will be alcohol free and free of the compulsion and craving to drink.

We do ask that you keep the therapy days clear of work and other commitments you may have.  It is important that you focus on the job in hand and avoid distractions, phones, email etc.  If you make this your priority, we will make it ours.

As you are in the comfort and convenience of your own home you can then relax and do what you want to do, have a long bath, go for a snooze, take a walk, relax with a book or the TV etc

It is advisable not to drive or operate machinery for the rest of the day.

Continued aftercare

Bio-resonance Gratitude e-Pendant

Throughout this period and long after you will have your therapist personal mobile number  and she will be available for telephone and email support to you 24/7.

You will have you own personal kit to help and guide you though the coming months and you have full back up from us .  This involves unlimited telephone and email support.  As a minimum your therapist will call/email you every day for a week andthen at least weekly until you feel you no longer need it.


As you can see by the brief outline above we offer a very personal service and arecommitted to achieving a hundred 100% success rate with this programme. Contactus now while you are reading this to find out more and check availability.

Make it happen 


What is a Gratiutude e-Pendant?

The Gratitude e-Pendant™is a bioresonance storage device.  It can be programmed and charged during an e-Lybra® balancing session with bioresonance patterns.  These patterns, once programmed into the e-Pendant™, will continue to resonanate for up to 3 months at which point the strength of the patterns may start to decrease unless reprogrammed again.

The e-Pendant™ is made form a specially formulated proprietary mineral compound which has an inherent subtle electromagnetic field emanating from its programmable matrix.

The e-Pendant™has been designed to be user friendly and easy to wear.

It becomes active when within the proximity of the client and works best within 75mm (3 inches) of the body.

It may be worn around the neck (remove before going to bed) or held, or kept in a pocket.  It may be placed under a pillow at night. (please remove the cord before doing so).

It is 50 mm long and weighs just 15 grammes.

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