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SuperDetox Bioresonance Therapy is  a comprehensive, effective, non-invasive and safe energy therapy that helps the body rebalance its systems for improved health.  It addresses the body in a truly integrative, holistic way.  In Bioresonance therapy the body and mind are regarded as working as a synchronized unit and not as a bundle of autonomously functioning parts.  Poor health is an indication that the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain synchronicity within itself is being compromised due to imbalances.


As an analogy, an orchestra can produce beautiful music only if all the musicians tune their instruments and then coordinate the timing of their playing.  The conductor is responsible for ensuring that everyone is playing together harmoniously.  So it is with the body.  Good health can only be achieved when all the body parts and systems are functioning properly and then their activities are synchronized.  This is where Bioresonance frequencies  can help.


In a regular session, we begin by opening up the meridians and chakras and energetically unblockingthose pathways which maintain good health. We then continue with a scan of all body parts and systems to discover areas in which the person’s health may be compromised.  A unique analysis and balancing programme is then created to rebalance these poorly functioning parts.  A wide variety of energetic patterns are offered to the body. Patterns that are useful to the body are utilised whilst unnecessary patterns simply pass through.


Energetic patterns that have a positive influence on the body include those specifically associated with the healthy young organs and glands of the body.   These patterns are often deficient in adult organs that have in some way been traumatised.  When these deficient “healthy” patterns are offered, they are absorbed and utilised by the organs, helping to restore optimum efficiency and vital function.


Energetic patterns that tend to accumulate as negative influences include the imprints of past infections, accumulated toxins, physical and emotional traumas.  These may be safely and easily removed over time using identical therapeutic patterns that resonate harmonically with those imprints, gradually disrupting and dispersing them.

The aim of Bioresonance Therapy is to restore healthy energetic patterns to the organs of the body and remove all detrimental patterns from the energetic field.  Free flow of energy is restored to the chakras and meridian channels, resulting in an improved sense of mental clarity, vitality and optimal wellness.


Bioresonance Course

Bioresonance frequencies can be used for all aspects of health but here are a few of the many possible courses and programmes.

  • Addictions

Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs, Caffeine, Food etc

  • Anti-smoking (quitting)

Stop smoking in one session, no more cravings, No withdrawal symptoms.

  • Anxiety and Stress

This programme has been developed for conditions arising out of acute anxiety attacks or panic attacks.  It also has a general calming effect containing remedies to support the Nervous System,  It can also be used for ‘exam’ nerves and driving tests.

  • Burns and Scalds

​A general healing programme.

  • Chakra restoration

This programme is designed to balance all of the main Chakras and restore the subtle energy bodies of the person.

  • Cystitis

For use in cases of cystitis and can be combined with the Thrush and Candida programme if this is an additional problem.

  • Ear Infection

For the relief of ear infection  (OtitisMedia)

  • Eczema control

​This programme may also be used with the Disc​Doctor 24 hours a day until under 

  • Fungal Infection

Fungal infection of the skin, i.e. ringworm

  • Gasrto

​For use in cases of gastro-enteritis and food poisoning, and the accompanying nausea and vomiting

  • General Energy Balancing

​This programme has been specially created to improve people’s overall wellness and supports a person suffering from low energy, tiredness and fatigue in a fully interactive manner.  This has the effect of strengthening the immune system of the person.

  • Haemorrhoids/Varicose Veins

Brilliant for reducing haemorrhoids/varicose veins

  • Hay fever and Allergy

 This programme will help 95% of hay fever sufferers.  It contains grass and weed pollens in homeopathic form and many other remedies To reduce the inflammatory response to these allergens.  It can be used for animal allergies as well. 

  • Hepatitis

For Hepatitis, A, B and C.

  • Immune (viral and environmental Toxin clearing) 

This programme is designed to help the body clear toxins and residual viral factors that can weaken the immune system function.

Bioresonance Frequencies
  • Insomnia

For use in insomnia and sleeplessness when there are no physical problems causing the​ insomnia.

  • Lyme Disease

​For the treatment of Lyme Disease.

  • Menoflush

For the symptoms of menopausal flushing and sweating.  Helps to balance the system at this time.

  • Muscle and Tissue Recovery

For falls, blows, strains and sprains. This programme is very popular with sportspersons and athletes as well as for all cases of injury to muscle, soft tissue and concurrent nerve injury.  It works extremely well if you have injured your back and are waiting to see the Osteopath or chiropractor.  Its second and less well-known use is for post-operative recovery. Photo reproduced by kind 

Olympic Team using Bioresonance

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Anders Olssen.

The Swedish Skiing Team  ‘Team Mekonomen’ under the guidance of Dr Ulrich Ghisler use the e-Lybra® System.

The four Olympic Athletes- Mathi and Thobias Fredriksson, Anders Södergen and Björn Lind have been using the e-Lybra® System to aid their recovery  from injuries, to reduce the amount of sick days during training and to assist them in remaining mentally fresh and alert.

  • Osteoarthritis

This programme helps the treatment of Osteoarthritis, helping to reduce pain and inflammation and improving mobility.

  • Osteoporosis 

For the treatment of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

  • Painful Periods

For painful menstruation

  • PMS 

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome-for balancing the body at this challenging time.

  • Prostate

A programme for men as a general support.

  • Shingles

To speed up healing process for this painful illness.

  • Sinusitis

For use in cases of sinus congestion and inflammation.

  • Thrush and Candida

A formula for Thrush or Leucorrhoea (vaginal Discharge) and as a support for abnormal Candida especially if combined with 10 Day Detox and Bifidophilus-Flora Force. 

  • Travel (motion sickness)

To help journeys of all kinds for those with sensitive stomachs.

  • Wound healing

To promote healthy healing of wounds.

Bioresonance to heal wounds Before and After

May 2010

Before and after pictures of 96 year old woman, with an infection which began with bacteria in her hip implant which grew and eventually made its way to the surface. 

This is just a sample of some of our most popular programmes although we can help 

most illnesses and complaints.  The cost and number of sessions needed varies depending on the condition. If  you are suffering with an illness that is not listed here I may be able to write a formula specific for your  needs.  I am always interested in new areas to explore.  (There may be a charge for creating a new formula).  

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