How We Healed With SuperDetox Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance for Food Intolerances

I'm Jemma, 21 years old. For about the past 15 years I have suffered from a number of allergies/intolerances. One which affected me mostly was Hay Fever. Every year throughout spring/summer my eyes would be swollen from the constant itchiness. I couldn't breathe through my nose and would sneeze around 50 times a day.
 After my first session the sneezing virtually stopped. Although when I went in the steam room in the Health suite, I had to run out as i couldn't stop.   Victoria identified that this was because of the moulds in there. So week two we covered moulds in my 3 hour session.

We also corrected my fruit allergies. Pineapple would leave me with a swollen tongue, full of little cuts and bleeding. Pears would make my throat, mouth & tongue itch, such an awful feeling. Apples had to be my worst fruit enemy, so during the second session Victoria decided I should try eating one so that she could work on the intolerance. I was very reluctant as I knew what would happen and Victoria joked that she felt like the wicked witch giving Snow White an apple.

 After 2/3 bites it started to react. My tongue & throat started to itch, and then the lumps appeared. I had to stop eating it, was this poisonous apple?

Victoria seemed pleased with this, and carried on working on me. Within half an hour the swelling went down & Victoria asked me if I felt brave enough to have another bite of the apple. I had a little bite and Victoria began to distract me with a funny story, when she had finished she asked me how my apple was? I was astonished I was down to the core! I had eaten every single piece of it, without a reaction.   Sure enough the machine had worked its magic on my body.
I was no longer Snow White, afraid of an apple. 

   After my second session to help with Hay Fever I mowed the lawn and had no symptoms at all! Before the third session I was feeing great. I ate a few pears no problem & my eyes were no longer bloodshot & swollen.
   I am yet to see how i get on with my cat at home in Spain, as before I could hardly touch him, he couldn't go near my bedroom & there was no way I could cuddle up on the sofa with him. Fingers crossed all goes well!
  After finishing my 3 sessions of Bioresonance therapy, I only sneeze now and again, as most people do. My eyes no longer itch from being outdoors or cutting the grass, it's just from a lack of sleep after partying too much!

 Jemma Prendergast Heaton Moor, Stockport.


After suffering from chronic digestive problems and fatigue for the past 2 years, I decided I needed to do something about it as the symptoms I was experiencing were hindering my everyday life. I was interested in how Bioresonance Therapy worked and decided to give it a try, so I contacted Victoria White at SuperDetox. I found Victoria very helpful and reassuring, she listened to me explaining my problems and talked me through how Bioresonance Therapy worked, how it could help me and also what nutritional products I should start taking as well. I found my first few sessions very relaxing and although I was tired afterwards, the next day I felt refreshed and with less abdominal pain and nausea. After further sessions and taking the correct nutritional supplements I started to feel a difference in my digestion, I had less pain, the nausea and indigestion started to subside and I felt a lot less tired. Overall, after my course of Bioresonance Therapy, my symptoms have improved, I am back to feeling well again and I am back in part time employment after a long time off work.

Victoria, Chester.

I have been suffering from frozen shoulder for several years; I had treatment from my GP, but nothing really helped. Within a week of my treatment with SuperDetox the pain had disappeared completely, and I was able to plaster my house, something which would have been unthinkable previously. I recommend Bioresonance therapy for anybody in pain.

Dennis Cooper. Droylsden.

Dear Victoria,

It is now 6 years since you gave me bioresonance treatment for my frozen shoulder, and i would just like to update you with the fact that i have never suffered with it since.  i am pain free and able to do all my normal activities, its great that one session cured something i had been in pain with and suffering with for years.  Thank you Victoria

Dennis Cooper, Droylsden


I had treatment off Victoria and the next day felt wonderful, bright and plenty of energy and the feeling hasn’t left me. I damaged my fingers playing with the grandchildren and had pain for a few weeks, couldn’t bend my fingers but after a session all the pain had gone and I could bend my fingers quite easily without pain, yippee!

Beryl Holt, Cheadle.


After suffering for 9 years with diabetes insipidus (a hormone imbalance) I wasn’t getting any better with conventional medicine and felt there was no hope for me. A friend put me in touch with Victoria and I had a treatment with her. After which I felt so much better and followed it up thereafter. I have felt more energetic, sleep a lot better, more alert; the stiffness in my jaw and neck has gone and am not as breathless as I once was.

I am now taking treatment from Victoria every week and on the whole she has improved my health. I would recommend her to anyone with health problems.

Yvonne Murphy, Bramhall.


I suffered from eczema for several years, medical treatment for the condition gave temporary relief but was not a cure. On being introduced to Bioresonance I decided to give it a try in spite of being highly sceptical. I am delighted to say the eczema has entirely disappeared, enabling me to sleep right through the night as a result of the treatment.

I was so impressed I asked Victoria to treat my painful legs for the fist time in years I am able to walk without pain and able to walk further distances already. With my experience, I would recommend anyone to try it.

Denis Ford, Bramhall.


I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient. Since seeing Vicki, I have noticed that I don’t need a wee as much as usual, I possibly go 3-4 times a day in stead of 8-12 times a day, I also feel my balance has improved (don’t seem to trip as much) Thank God!!!

Energy levels a lot higher.   Used to be a tea-belly but not now, drink more water!

Standing still seems to be better and quicker up the stairs!

I had cystitis Vicki got rid with clever machine (Wonder Woman).

Pain in legs (cramp) has improved dramatically and have lots more feeling and added bonus sex life has been better!!!!

Caroline Wright



I came across Victoria’s website whilst researching alternative therapies for depression. I have suffered with depression several times in my life. Twice after having my children and once when I moved overseas. I have tried Prozac and Citlapopram they both helped initially and also St Johns Wort and 5 HTP which seemed to boost me. After a family bereavement, change of job and divorce all coming in quick succession I predictably took ten steps backwards and depression descended again. Now though with the support of a wonderful husband, I did not want to start taking SSRI’s again, we have had so much bad press about these medications and to be honest they are so new we do not know the long term effects they may have on our brains. After all they are changing the way our brain chemistry works.

So after hours of research on the wonderful internet I spied ‘bioresonance’. I thought to myself this seems to work like acupuncture. Clearing out meridians so our energy can flow freely. No chemicals involved! This could be fantastic. I rang Victoria who was very clear and precise in what she could offer. I was so excited to think I may have at last stumbled across something that could provide an answer without being controlled by medication. I am an experienced nurse who feels that a lot of the medications the general public take could be supplemented by natural remedies for example nearly the whole of our over 65’s seem to take a cholesterol lowering medication, this makes a fortune for the drug companies. It they were to take a flaxseed supplement daily it would do the same job. It has been proven to lower bad cholesterol. Few GPs look outside the box.

However, I digress, Victoria came to see me and I have to say from her starting the treatment, I have not looked back. I could feel something happening to me almost immediately. I began to laugh, something I had not been able to do for weeks. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt so calm and relaxed. I really looked forward to seeing her again the next week. In only three weeks I had got my life back on track. (I had been off work for several weeks). I started to have hope and make goals for the future. I can see positives in everything.

I am so pleased I found Victoria and Bioresonance. I have recently has a lot to deal with as my mother is seriously ill. I have coped really well and still feel good. I take my e-capsule with me everywhere and know it is keeping me on track

Give it a try you have nothing to lose, only a truly horrible feeling of depression.

Life is good keep it that way.

Val, Northants.

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