How We Beat Food Addiction With SuperDetox Bioresonance Therapy

Pam's Story
Monday morning and I arrived at my desk taking my lap top out of my bag along with my six pack of diet Pepsi, whilst chatting to my colleague about the weekend's activities. He joked about me being a " coke alcoholic" and replied I know and laughed. 
However it made me think was I a coke-aholic? 
My work colleagues saw me going to meetings with a can of cola, it turned out they assumed it was the same can of cola. Little did they know I would pop into the canteen and pick up a can between meetings and was not happy if I was in a meeting without one.
I had started drinking cola to stop me eating chocolate, but in time I had actually graduated to several bars of chocolate and cans a cola in a day.
I contacted Victoria that morning as I remembered another colleague giving up smoking with great ease by her methods  and wondered if she could do something for me.
I have to admit I felt embarrassed and a little ashamed at having what had clearly become an issue despite the fact I know the cola was full of chemicals and sugar was giving no nutritional value.
She made me feel at ease in our first chat which closed with an appointment.
I am so glad that she does bioresonance in Scotland.
Victoria came to my home at a time conveneient for me later that week and gave me a bioresonance session, she explained all about the equipment and therapy in  a way I could understand and also told me lots of information about why we become addicted to food and have no control over it, as our brains are being 'hijacked'.  This made me feel that my coke addiction was not a failing in my part, but a concentrated campaign by the manufactorer of the drink.
It is now over two years later and I not had a diet cola or any desire to have one.
Thank you so much Victoria.
Jordanhill, Glasgow.

Avril’s Story

As Victoria had helped my Son, Husband, Nephew and two friends stop smoking with her Bioresonance method, when I heard that she was now dealing with food addictions I didn’t hesitate to call her.   Now, I had tried eliminating foods before and had found it so hard, so of course I was sceptical that this was going to be another one of those torture regimes, but I kept an open mind, after all she had helped every one else break their awful habit of smoking.

My life has been a constant round of diets, I have tried everything, I have done every diet there is. I have cut out complete food groups, I have done the liquid diets three times, had massive weight loss, and the minute I came off them, it all came back again with a vengeance. I’ve tried hypnosis,    I’ve tortured myself with denial of foods, you name it I have tried it, and I promise you I did not do these diets half heartedly, I really did put so much effort it them. I have never found a solution and as my weight has yo-yo’d for   many years it has resulted in being diagnosed by my GP as being borderline type two diabetes.

The worst thing is when you are binging. and your weight is going up and down, you never know what is going to fit you in the morning.

In my wardrobe I seem to have everything from a size 12 to an 18, and it is such a performance to get dressed every morning.   Its so soul destroying, its like “what is going to fit me this week,?” I was constantly out shopping, buying bigger and bigger, and then smaller and smaller, and its awful having to go through that all the time.


The day came for my appointment with Victoria, I didn’t know what to expect but I was hopeful and excited and kept a very open mind and just let Victoria lead me, I felt reassured by her confidence and optimistic attitude. She ran the programme on me and explained what she was doing and how it all works, we also talked about my dieting history and she gave loads of really sensible advice and encouragement. During the session, I felt relaxed, and could feel a change in the way I felt after about half an hour. I had eaten my husbands home made granola for breakfast and Victoria told me that I might have intolerance to oats and did some work on that problem. My stomach had been distended and after she had done her stuff, the swelling had gone down and the big bump had gone, I looked a different shape!

After, the session I felt so different, relaxed and as if a change had taken place in me, both physically and mentally, I trusted Victoria, but of course I still had my doubts and was sceptical that anything could ever end this cycle of misery. Still, I felt so good, I was glad I had had it anyway.

Victoria, told me I had responded very well, and with a big smile, promised me that

‘Now we just have to see what happens next’,

The most amazing thing is, since that day, I haven’t needed to binge. I haven’t had to argue with myself once. I haven’t had to white knuckle it. I haven’t had to pick up the phone to a friend to beg them to talk me out of wanting to eat. I haven’t had to stay up till the middle of the night bingeing and making myself ill.

It’s been completely natural; it’s as if the cravings have just been waved away. Even though I kept an emergency supply of low fat treats in case I did get desperate,   I am pleased to say I haven’t needed, or had one binge. Despite the snacks were readily available in my kitchen cupboard, they were no longer calling to me every second of the day and night, or even at all!

I was at a coffee house with my husband and I actually asked him if he would like to share a scone with me, which we did. Now anyone that knows me knows that AVRIL DOES NOT SHARE FOOD, well I didn’t but I do now!!! And you know what, it was easy, I enjoyed it, I was satisfied with it and I didn’t feel as if it was going to set me off on a huge binge.

One day, for various reasons I hadn’t eaten very big meals and late on I was hungry, I was terrified that this was going to lead to you know what. But no, I had a small meal that assuaged my hunger and I was fine. Victoria praised me and said that was exactly the right thing to do, that I shouldn’t allow myself to get hungry like that, it was just my body giving me a message and that I should listen and act on it.

At a friends house, she had a huge box of chocolates, I had two, they were delicious, but enough. Again, no desire to jump in the whole tin to gorge myself silly. Controlled eating, with no effort.

I feel calm, I am going to bed much earlier and I am sleeping better, friends and family comment on how different I seem. Food was controlling my life, and now I am in control of my food, I am in control of my life.   Its such a relief to no longer be constantly thinking about the next fix, I really was eating ALL day, mostly in secret but always, always eating. Now I have three meals a day and I’m fine, I’m happy, I’m at peace. I feel normal. . All the foods I used to binge on don’t even appeal to me. I have been out for meals in fabulous restaurants and haven’t even been bothered by the sweet trolley. It’s been easy to choose great, healthy food. Instead of craving for junk my body has been telling me to eat well. The weight is starting to move, I tried on a pair of trousers last night that were a 14 and they fastened, the last time I wore them was probably 18 months ago, Victoria has stressed that this is not a ‘diet’ or a ‘weight loss programme’ its an end to food addiction.   Well, its 40 days after my session, I feel as if I have kicked the habit, and I suppose if I am not consuming all those empty calories any more, then I am going to lose weight, so that is an added bonus.

I would also like to thank you Victoria for all your support, I am so grateful to you for all your help and fantastic daily back up. I could never have done it on my own.


Shelly's Story

I own a Beauty Salon in North Manchester.  a few weeks ago a regular client of mine came in and I noticed that she seemed different, in a very positive way.  She took me to one side and told me that Victoria had been to see her and given her the food addiction bioresonance therapy, and that it had changed her whole life.
She knew how distressed I was with my eating disorder and how the bingeing and the fact that I always felt like I was eating the last meal of my life, was ruining everything I did.  To the point that I was depressed about it.  I had tried dieting but the reason that didn’t work was because it was making me more obsessed with food. I had to write out menus for the day, and it made me more obsessed with food, and more depressed always thinking about   what I could and couldn’t eat.  So, she gave me Victoria’s phone number, and told me ‘whatever she has done to me she has completely calmed me down and got rid of the obsession with food’.I decided to give Victoria a bell, we had a chat and I made a plan.. I cancelled my operation for a gastric sleeve, and went to the Canaries for a week, I decided to go on holiday and eat what I wanted and then on my first day back I would meet with Victoria. I was very open minded, not sure what was going to happen but quite excited after all I had seen the change in my friend. At the beginning of the session Victoria asked me to think about my favourite food and I began to get strong cravings and was getting agitated, she told me not to worry, that she would soon get rid of that nasty feeling. I began to feel very relaxed and forgot all about it.  Then I had this wave of niceness come all over me, it felt like seventh heaven it was a relaxing feeling like I had never known before.  As if a great weight had been lifted off me.The session took about two hours and I felt so lovely.  Before I knew it Victoria was asking me to think about food again, to summon up those cravings, but I couldn’t, it was like a distant memory, I really couldn’t get those old familiar feelings up no matter how it tried, I was astonished, I couldn’t get my head round what had happened.  They had been my constant companion for years, the nagging in my head, the anxiety of needing a fix. But they had just gone, disappeared; no matter how I tried they had disappeared. Like trying to remember a dream, those thoughts  just seemed farther and father away.Well since then which is now three weeks later, my obsession and desire to binge has completely disappeared, I no longer have controlling thoughts about food. I am normal, I am eating three regular meals a day, I don’t feel like I am denying myself anything.  I have been out for a curry and shared a tikka masala with my Dad, which completely satisfied me. Prior to the bioresonance session I would have had a starter and three mains with rice and chips to share with my dad, and believe me we would eat the lot.  Even the waiter in the restaurant was shocked when I didn’t give my regular order.I used to want everything on the menu, and now I am satisfied with a normal meal.To tell you the truth I couldn’t care less if I never went out for another meal again.Instead of constantly eating all day, I just have three regular meals and don’t feel as if I want to pick between meals.The obsession has now gone and I am three weeks down the line, happy relaxed and with a completely different attitude to food.There is one last thing I would like to do.  When I had my session with Victoria I was open minded but still sceptical of course, and afterwards, cos I didn’t quite understand what had happened I still continued with a few bad habits, like sugar in my tea and enjoying something sweet, (despite the sweet tooth, I still managed to lose half a stone in the first week and my weight has continued to fall), now really I should have stopped that, but even though I am still eating sugar I am not craving it. I find I am  having a couple of chunks of chocolate and then leaving the rest without any effort.    However, I would like to get rid of my ‘sweet tooth’ and I am now aware of how the addiction to sugars is created by  having it regularly, just like a drug addict builds up a tolerance to drugs, so a sugar addict builds up a tolerance to sugar.   So I am seeing Victoria again next week to sort that out. Now I know what to expect I feel better prepared to cut out sugar on a daily basis and 100% confident in the bioresonance therapy and Victoria.I have also changed my way of shopping and am determined that my children will not be repeating my mistakes.   Its so easy to buy bulk offers and large sizes of junk food, but no more.  I am going to save my children from the life of misery that I had with my old relationship with food.I would like to say a huge big massive thank you, words cant explain how grateful I feel to you Victoria,  cos you have  given me peace of mind and its so liberating, for the first time in years I feel free.
Shelly Floyd  Prestwich 

Renata's Story

 I am a middle aged woman, who a few weeks ago-thanks to Victoria- gave up my addiction to Kinder Bueno White.

I know it sounds silly to be addicted to a chocolate bar, but it was a fact.  Since Kinder Bueno hit the UK market, it became my obsession.  I have never been addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, so it took me a few years until I realised that morning portion of sugar was ruling my life.

Every day I had to start with 4 fingers of Kinder Bueno with coffee.  It was a great pleasure to have it and I would think about it all day and night until I could have it in the morning.  After two years of the same breakfast day after day, I tried to quit but it was impossible.  A day without my morning chocolate fix was not the same.

I knew something was wrong, but I couldnt believe that sweets could cause the same addiction as cigarettes or alcohol.  Often I would have more than two or three a day, but never less, and never none.

Then my cousin told me how he quit smoking within a day thanks to bioresonance.  He was a heavy smoker for 22 years.  As he had his therapy abroad, I had to look for somebody in the UK.

I found and I called Victoria.  She came the same day and was very nice and helpful.  She understood my problem, didnt laugh and assured me that she could help.


Its nearly three months since my bioresonance session and I am enjoying a normal breakfast every day.  And it is not just the unhealthy breakfast I have quit- I dont have the old need for sugar as I had before.  I can pass the sweet shelf in the supermarket as if it was dog food-nothing there appeals to me.

I have been losing weight, which I had had a problem with for years.  Kinder Bueno wasnt making me happy, it was making me sad, stressed and overweight.  

But I am happy now.  I admit that I had  a four year long addiction to sugar.

But thanks to Victoria and Bioresonance I am free from my addiction.  it was also an investment, as I dont have to waste £800 on sweets any more.


I would never have been able to quit myself.  I know that!

It feels like a miracle and I call Victoria my "Good Fairy", but as long as it helps I will believe in fairies.


Renata  Birmingham


 Jan's Story

Since using Victoria's Food Addiction/Weight Loss Bioresonance Technique in my quest to lose weight I have been successful thus far in losing over three stones.

Her treatment is painless and losing weight has seemed almost effortless.  It enables me to instantly stop the usual food cravings.  For me this is the key to losing weight, as once that constant craving is removed you are able to follow any sensible weight reducing diet plan succesfully.  Additionally Victoria's knowlege of nutrition is immense and plays an invaluable part of the process in reaching your weight loss goal.

I would strongly recommend her unique service.  I have tried many other regimes to lose weight ove the years and none, for me have been as sucessful as this.

Thank you Victoria


South Manchester

Joy’s Story

I had heard about Victoria from a friend she had seen.   My friend and I had shared a long dieting history together, with all the ups and downs that come with it, but she told me that after the session with Victoria she felt like a changed woman, both physically and mentally, her cravings had disappeared and she was eating normally, something she had never experienced before. And something I had never seen in her.     My reaction was ‘I want that’ I briefly met Victoria and was of course sceptical but where dieting is concerned I would try most things.   I booked an appointment.

Victoria came to my home, explained about bioresonance and her food addiction programme, set me up on the system and we chatted about my eating habits and I told her that I never felt full and I always wanted more, constantly thinking about food, and having to deny myself so much.

A particular favourite is apples and I have been known to eat two or three at a time, and its unheard of for me to ever leave any food. Shortly after the session commenced Victoria seemed to see something on her screen and suggested I ate an apple, as she wanted to see how I responded to it now. I began to eat it,   unbelievably, I could only eat half. I was astonished!   I knew something had taken place, never ever had that happened before. Apples were usually a trigger food for me and one bite would always lead to a binge, not this time.

And this is actually the half of the apple I left uneaten, I was so shocked as it’s unheard of for me to leave food, yet I did, here is the proof.



Bioresonance in Birmingham

Since the session I am able to eat for instance, half an orange when normally I would eat three, I enjoy it and its fine, I have no guilt, just pleasure. I’m not craving sweet food, I used to be in agony looking at the sweet trolley and thinking about sugary foods then   having to deny myself, but I am not even bothered, not thinking about it. A weight has been lifted from me and I am able to think happy thoughts, not food thoughts.

I am still hungry for my three meals a day, which Victoria says is quite right, that this is a normal response to hunger, that it is a good sign and that I should listen to my body and respond appropriately, by eating three sensible meals, which I am doing, it’s marvellous.

It’s so lovely not having to deny myself anything, but not bingeing, or thinking about bingeing I am just eating a balanced diet. I am eating like a normal person, much smaller portions, and I feel satisfied and I am not craving for something else which is a miracle. I feel a great relief. I had a cappuccino with chocolate for the first time in years, and I thought ‘I can have this’ and it didn’t set the craving off.


It’s lovely. I am so looking forward to going to a wedding on Sunday because I know I will be able to have the meal and know I will be satisfied and happy, consequently I will be able to enjoy the occasion instead of worrying.   I am also going to wear a favourite dress which I am thrilled about it.


I just can’t thank you enough Victoria, you are amazing, and you have changed my life. Thank you.





Marcia's Story,

Not even thinking about anything sweet.  I joined slimming club on Monday evening so i am eating healthy too, so far so good, It s all been fairly easy, no cake, biscuits sweets or otherwise.  

Six weeks later

Hi Victoria just to let you no that I have finally reached the stone mark, since the last time we spoke I have lost 5 pounds.

Thank you 


Marcia Leicester




Pat’s Story




I visited SuperDetox on 8/10/2010    , The reason was that I felt that I was addicted to bread and found it incredibly hard to go through a day without , toast in the morning  sandwich lunch and maybe 1 piece with dinner , probably consuming up to half a loaf a day. I always felt as if I was craving the carbs in bread and it would always be on my mind, nagging away, begging to fill the void.   Whilst I didn't for see a life without bread I certainly wanted to eat a lot less and maybe feel better for it, Victoria told me she was sure she could help.

 Victoria explained that this was not a diet, or a weight loss system, but a programme to end addiction to certain foods. She told me that there is now compelling evidence that foods high in sugar, fat and salt-as most junk foods are-can alter your brain chemistry in the same way as highly addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This made total sense to me, I always felt that it was an addiction, that I felt compelled to eat all day, that I was constantly thinking about food, always wanting my fix, but never able to fill the void, no matter how much I consumed.

I felt differently immediately after the session, Victoria asked me if I fancied a sandwich, and for the first time I could not summon up the usual desire that I felt once I began to think about it. I found that I no longer felt I had to have bread, indeed I barely even thought about it. I found myself automatically making different choices for meals, its as if my body has been guiding me to healthier options, like soup and fruit. Best of all I have never felt that I have had to deny myself anything because I have not been craving.   I have made these choices easily.


It has been much easier to cut out bread than I ever thought possible, thank you Victoria.

Patricia Eagle    Wilmslow


 Mayra's Story 

I am so glad I met Victoria.  I was feeling so desperate with my binge eating when I came across Victoria's website.  I phoned her and arrange to meet with her a couple of days after.

After the session was over I felt so relaxed and with no urge to eat.  I now feel I have control over food  Thank you Vitoria


Mayra Angulo

South London

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